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Explore & learn about holistic health.

5 min read

Are Your Holistic Services Legally Protected?

One of the biggest questions holistic practitioners are faced with today is: Do I have a legal right to provide...

6 min read

Are You Meant to Be A Holistic Health or Wellness Coach?

Health coaching is a rapidly growing field in the wellness world. It is a rewarding profession that is becoming more...

7 min read

Types of Health Coaching: Which One is Right For You?

There are many paths and philosophies within the health and wellness coaching field. New approaches, hybrids, and...

6 min read

Expand Your Existing Practice with Nutrition & Herbal Remedies

Are you a state-licensed practitioner looking to expand your offering? Have your clients asked you for information...

7 min read

The Blurred Lines of Health Coaching

Few will argue against the notion that good nutrition is a pillar of good health. Yet the vast majority of Americans...

8 min read

What’s the Difference? Integrative, Holistic, Functional Medicine & Naturopathy

Across the country, millions of people are educating and empowering themselves about holistic healthcare options,...

8 min read

The 10 Most Popular Complementary & Alternative Therapies

There are many reasons holistic medicine is on the rise. Many people are no longer satisfied with Western or mainstream...

7 min read

Eastern vs. Western Medicine

“Eastern medicine” is nothing new. It is a term that refers to the various health systems that have evolved for...

8 min read

3 Steps to Find a Qualified Holistic Health Provider Near You

Do you have a chronic disease and have exhausted your options within the mainstream system? Do you want to learn how to...

6 min read

The Complete Guide: How to Become a Reiki Practitioner

Since the founding of reiki by Dr. Mikao Usui in Japan roughly 100 years ago, the knowledge and practice of this energy...