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Are Your Holistic Services Legally Protected?

Oct 22, 2021 4:47:51 AM


One of the biggest questions holistic practitioners are faced with today is: Do I have a legal right to provide holistic services?

If you're like most holistic providers, you've researched the legality of offering alternative services in your state.

The problem is that much of the available information leaves out important facts, is often misinformation, or contains weak or questionable legal ideas.

If you're feeling confused, rightfully skeptical, and still have many unanswered questions — you're not alone!

We've got the answers you're looking for, which are backed by 20+ years of defending holistic providers and their services. Check them out below! 👇

Trust us, you're going to want to read this all the way through — we packed a lot of information in here that EVERY practitioner needs to know!


First, do you have a legal right to provide holistic services?

A "legal right" simply refers to a state-issued license or permission to offer or practice an activity.

Since most holistic activities are not state-licensed or regulated, there is therefore no legal right that protects holistic providers from state challenges or arrest.

Without a legal right, holistic providers are left with only a few options:

1. “Take your chances” and expect legal troubles
2. Operate under a valid exemption
3. Have a well-prepared legal defense (this is the BEST and easiest option for most practitioners)

Download our complete FREE Legal Guide for Holistic Practitioners to learn even more about the legal rules & regulations around alternative health services.

What is a "legal defense" for holistic health services — and do you need it?

As many practitioners have learned the hard way, providing holistic services without a defendable legal basis can get you into some serious trouble — which can often be unexpected & costly.

So if you're wondering whether a legal basis is right for your services or not, the short answer is YES.

Also, it's important to understand that an effective legal defense is not a single thing, but a combination of several elements. It requires experience, understanding of complex law surrounding regulated and unregulated services, AND a working knowledge of regulatory board processes.

That's where the PWA comes in. You can protect your services, clients and get peace of mind by becoming a licensed member of the PWA.


Does my state require a license?

A few states do provide a defensive element for the practice of holistic services in the form of health freedom, and a handful of states do permit a limited scope of holistic activities for state-licensed providers.

The majority however (in the United States and internationally), do not regulate holistic activities, which means ever-present risk for holistic providers.

Take Heather del Castillo for example, a holistic health coach in Florida, who was ordered to shut down her business and pay $750 in fines for providing services without a license.

Or, Donna Harris of Mississippi, another health coach who faced up to $1,000 and 6 months of jail time for sharing advice about healthy eating on Facebook.

The best way to know you're protected for your services across all 50 states is by having a defendable legal basis, like the one provided by the PWA License Program.


How can you trust this information?

This information is based on two decades of real-world experience in the alternative health industry, assisting providers and interacting with governmental regulatory agencies.

Much of it has been taken from the PWA training program for our licensed providers and is supported by the leading national legal firm specializing in constitutional law and provider defense.

With 20+ years of experience, the PWA is considered the undisputed leader in guiding providers to offer holistic services with minimum legal risk.

Through our PWA License Program, you can provide your holistic services safely and legally with peace of mind.

Learn more about the PWA and our holistic mission here.


How can I protect my services?

The best way to get peace of mind and protect your holistic services is by having a solid, defendable legal basis.

As a PWA licensed provider, you'll have the BEST legal defense for ALL of your services, access to a 6-part training guide, a professional review of your website and services for compliance with the PWA defense strategy, and access to a PWA support professional to answer any questions.

You’ll also have access to one of the nation’s leading legal firms with experience defending PWA licensees.

Plus, the PWA mission is much broader than teaching providers how to defend themselves. It’s about having a loud, collective voice defending alternative services and protecting the future of holistic health.

To find out if licensure is right for you, click here.

Where can you learn more?

We explore all of this information & more in our FREE Legal Guide for Practitioners. You can download the complete 10-page guide here.

Are your holistic services legal? Take our FREE Quiz to see if your holistic services are legal in your state. It takes only 3 minutes or less!

Learn more about the benefits of becoming a licensed PWA provider member here.