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| 12/10/2018

How to Start a Holistic Health Private Practice

How to Start a Holistic Health Private Practice

When I first started my nutrition private practice I remember feeling on top of the world.  At the ripe age of 26 I finally felt like a grown-up because I had my very own business with a website, brochure and business cards.

I had just graduated from my holistic nutrition program and the letters after my name – R.H.N. helped me to feel more confident and prepared. I was excited to help people overcome the same digestion hell that I’d gone through. Except their healing protocol wouldn’t have to include invasive tests and blanks stares from the Doctors who all told me there was nothing wrong with me except for a little acid reflux.

I wish I could find my first free seminar poster… it would give me a big laugh now.

No one showed up to my first 2 free seminars. The third time I held my free seminar my mom brought some friends. That wasn’t embarrassing at all!

Fast forward 8 years later… my webinars are always full and 300 people attend my 3-day annual live event. The best part of knowing HOW-TO start a holistic health practice that actually makes money is that I was actually making money.

In this article, I’m going to share 5 steps that you can take right now to start your holistic health private practice so that you CAN coach as many people as you want AND make really good money without burning yourself out or going into massive debt.

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